We Provide Manpower Solution

KUJAYA is one of the leading manpower solution which have been providing timely and high-quality recruitment services for our clients in Malaysia.

We introduce highly-skilled, experienced and professional personnel, spanning through a wide range of expertise from entry level to management class, with various talents & multilingual, and qualified Malaysian candidates.

Our mission is to:
"Placing the right talents to the right jobs at the right companies with joy".

To ensure the entire recruitment process is carried out in ethical manner to meet the requirement of ethical recruitment practice, we committed to below principles:

  1. Adherence for Law
  2. Transparency of Terms of Engagement
  3. Free of Charges Provision of Services to Worker
  4. Safety at Work
  5. Respect for Workers' Right
  6. Non-Discrimination and Humane Treatment
  7. Confidentiality
  8. Professional Knowledge and Quality of Services
  9. Fair Competition
  10. Ethical and Professional Conduct

Our Services

Our Services
  • Recruitment (Local, Foreign, Domestic Maid)
  • Counselling & Consultation
  • Job Training & Seminar
  • JTK, KDN, JIM Processing
  • Work Visa/ Permit Processing
  • HR Related Services
  • Worker Clearance
  • FOMEMA Check Up
  • Repatriation Arrangement

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Why Choose Us

  • We are legal and authorised recruitment agency from Jabatan Tenaga Kerja holding license JTKSM071C & JTKSM071C-1C which compliance with JTK new policies to carry out recruitment activities for local, foreigners and domestic maids.
  • We offers range of local staffing services ranging from small to large multinational organizations representing different industry such as manufacturing, construction, oil & gas, plantation, services and other commercial purposes.
  • Our sourcing methodology is designed to produce fast result to attract potential candidates and select the talent to match with client's requirements. We provide solution to assist client who face headcount problem and find the way to smartly place the employee which is crucial to company's performance at immediate moment.
  • We also provide foreign worker services through network of agents in different countries including Indonesia Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam and others. We assist in application of new foreign worker, consultation on work permit, visa and passport renewal, intermediate man between employer and foreign manpower agencies, arrangement of Medical check up (Fomema), worker's insurance services and etc.
  • Besides, we provide domestic maid services origin from Philippines. We assist to handle the application, work permit renewal. Passport renewal, cancellation processing (check-out memo), medical check up (Fomema), insurance, embassy fee, training, counselling and etc.
  • With our networking capabilities, we are committed to provide highest standard of services to both employers and jobseekers.
Licence C - Agensi Pekerjaan Kujaya Sdn Bhd (Johor)
Licence C - Agensi Pekerjaan Kujaya Sdn Bhd (JB)

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Licence C - Agensi Pekerjaan Kujaya Sdn Bhd (Melaka)
Licence C - Agensi Pekerjaan Kujaya Sdn Bhd (Melaka)

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Our Recruitment Services

Local Recruitment

Local Recruitment

We are providing Executive Search & Headhunting solution to emerging growth companies. Whether your company is looking for Senior Executives, Management, Marketing Sales, Operations, Engineers, Technical or Professional Services Leaders, we can customise a solution that fits your staffing needs both nationally and internationally.

We employ effective methods for searching, recruiting and screening candidates according to the client's specific needs and recruitments. The candidates must pass through screening process before referring them to any client to have final screening for acceptance. Feedback and constant communication with our client is one of the fundamentals in ensuring better talents.

Foreign Recruitment

Foreign Recruitment

In foreign recruitment, KUJAYA is very selective over our overseas partners and recruiting of any foreign candidates. We only work with reliable partners who are trustworthy, able to provide quality candidates and providing excellent services. Our commitment to our client is to provide Total Customer Satisfaction with excellent quality and services.

In KUJAYA, we are able to cater to a comprehensive range of foreign candidates from Professional, Manager, Executives, Technicians and General workers (skilled or unskilled) in any industries or trades. Our foreign candidates are mainly from countries like Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand and etc.