Mini Mart Store

Kujaya provides high quality one stop service to our foreign workers. We set up mini mart in our hostel premises dormitory area to:

  1. Provide one-stop service to foreign workers.
  2. Provide wide variety and selection of items from worker's origin country.
  3. Groceries, fruits & vegetables, daily necessity.
  4. Bring convenience to worker. Worker has more time to rest after tired working day.

Pack Food Supply

Besides, we provide pack food and meal box services to our foreign workers. We offer wide range of food selection including local, premium western food and food that cater the needs of foreign workers.

We provide a balanced diets to keep worker healthy and increase energy in order to produce more productive workforce.

Mini Mart & Pack Food Supply

Our Motto

Convenience is important for workers who need a quick on a daily basis. Our mini mart store and pack food is established to bring convenience as workers do not need to go far to get their daily necessities and worry about their daily meal.

Mini Mart & Pack Food Supply

Our Principle

We believe that high quality one stop services to our foreign workers may lead to their satisfaction and hence reduce their absenteeism on workplace. Hence, we are committed to provide more convenience to our workers in the hostel.