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Kujaya Construction Services

Kujaya Builders Sdn Bhd - Construction Service

Kujaya Builders Sdn. Bhd. has the broadest range of construction services, with expertise in the construction of large scale heavy & light industrial projects, infrastructure and bungalow projects in Southern Malaysia. We have a team of skillful construction field workers whose work closely with our site supervisor everyday.

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Kujaya Builders Sdn. Bhd.



To plan, coordinate and control of a project from inception to completion in order to meet client's requirements.

General Construction

General Construction

To provide material, labor, equipment and services necessary for construction of the projects.

Painting Service


To supply and apply coat of approved sealer, finishing coats and exterior paint.

Plumbing Service


To install and maintain plumbing system in a building to connect to water or drainage.

Repairing Service


To supply material and tools for hacking, touch up, repair and furnish.

Plastering Service


To supply and lay plaster & skim coating by using approved equivalent material as per manufacturer's instruction.