• Kujaya Cleaning Services
  • Kujaya Cleaning Services

We Provide Cleaning Services That Covers All The Essentials Quality Work at Affordable Prices

Kujaya Cleaning Services

Kujaya is cleaning expert to provide sanitation services in clean up your mess. We provide a wide range of cleaning services such as office cleaning, home cleaning, post construction cleaning and one time cleaning to create a clean, safe and comfortable working environment for you.

Office Cleaning

Having a clean and well maintained office and working environment will makes a significant difference to any business owner’s brand, lower employee absenteeism and higher staff morale. With the right office cleaning, this is prefect present in upholding the high standards of a professional office environment and boost company’s productivity level. We have a team of valuable working experience and skilled enough workers to complete your cleaning without disrupting your employee’s respective work.

Post Construction Cleaning

A new building or facility without proper post construction cleaning will not attract new buyers or property investors. Post construction cleaning requires expert who specialized and understand the most efficient way to clean different building materials such as hard floor maintenance, air ventilation cleaning, proper sanitization, remove paint stains and delicate fixture cleaning.

Home Cleaning

We can cater your housekeeping needs with our friendly, experiences workers. Our general home cleaning services including vacuuming, mopping floors, toilet clean up, furniture dusting, cleaning of kitchen, changing bedsheet, and window and fan clean up. You may rest and relax after a long exhausted working day and spend your time with your precious one in stead of having time to do your home cleaning.

One Time Cleaning

One time cleaning included festive open house, post renovation dirt and mess, moving new house, or even end of lease cleaning. You may leave your mess to our cleaning team and give yourself a free time and relaxation to take a break from your busy lifestyle, With our extensive cleaning industry experience and expertise will enable us to deliver intensive and thorough cleaning for your home and ensures that virtually every surface or single room is thoroughly cleaned.

Kujaya Cleaning Services

Our Motto

Cleanliness is next to godliness. We maintain the surroundings clean with a clean and pure motive. We are integral in our approach and sincere in our work. We are forever driven to maintain the well-being of individuals by providing them a healthy environment!

Kujaya Cleaning Services

Our Principles

We believe that clean premises lead to healthy living and we do all it takes to create a great business and home environment with healthy people. We measure our success through customer satisfaction and we are committed to putting a smile on our customers' face!